How To Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash Easypaisa & Bank
  • December 26, 2023 12:45 pm
  • Pakistan

PPSC Fee Payment Using JazzCash Mobile Application Complete Tutorial

How To Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash Easypaisa & Bank Full Guide

The very first and most difficult situation for the applicants is to visit banks (National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan & Treasury) for paying the fee in any season and situation, summer, winter, monsoon, or Covid-19. Online Fee Collection System helps to pay the fee from anywhere anytime using very simple process. Online Fee payment provides multiple modes for the payment. Applicants can feel free to pay the online fees with the payment gateway already used by them. Paying the fee online can reduce the effort and save time of the applicants.

Methods for Paying the PPSC Fee:


  1. Mobile Phone Banking (Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa, U Paisa and Banking Mobile Applications)
  2. ATMs
  3. Internet Banking
  4. Over the counter (OTC)

Therefore, we will fully explain in this post how to pay the Punjab Public Service Commission Fee in a bank, using Easypaisa, or with JazzCash.

How To Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash Easypaisa & Bank

How to deposit PPSC fees online?

Step 1:

When you start applying online for any PPSC Job you will get the following screen after entering basic details. You can not proceed without fee payment. When you will enter basic details then you will get the following screen.



Note down your PSID Number given on the screen.


Now Open JazzCash App and follow these steps:

Steps to Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash

JazzCash  payment method that also supports the online payment of such government and semi- government institutes for free. Here are the steps to Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash App:

  • Open the “JazzCash App”
  • Click on “Drop Down Arrow”

How To Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash Easypaisa & Bank

  • Click on “Govt Payments”

How To Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash

  • Choose “GOP-Excise & Taxation”

How To Pay PPSC Fee Through Easypaisa & Bank

  • Provide your PPSC ID (PSID Number)
  • PSID Num (17 Digits) is allotted while applying

  • Now your complete info & fee amount will display
  • PPSC automatically shows the fee according to PSID Number

  • Finally, click on the “Pay” button and make your PPSC fee paid online
  • Done! You have successfully paid your Pay PPSC Fee Through JazzCash App

It was easy and now you are able to pay online using mobile through the JazzCash app. It is free and quick to use this app for this process.


 Applicants can pay PPSC fee by visiting any ATM by following instructions:

  •  Visit ATM 
  • Insert your card 
  • Provide your pin
  • Successfully verify identity
  • Now click on “Bill Payment”
  • Select GoPb next for (PPSC Payment)
  • Now ATM will ask for 17 digits of the PSID number 
  • Enter your PSID number and click “enter” to proceed
  • PPSC Fee, your info & basic details about payment come 
  • Pay the amount and finish this simple step & step out from ATM 
  • Done! You have successfully paid the PPSC fee from the ATM machine using the official method.


The payment process of GoPb levies is similar to the process of bill payments. The process is like:

1. Log in to Internet Banking.

2. Select the option of GoPb in Bill Payment Options.

3. Enter 17 digits of PSID number and press Ok.

4. Due Amount against PSID number is automatically fetched and displayed on the screen.

5. Press Pay / Submit / Finish button.

6. Message of successful transaction appears on the screen.

7. Applicants will be intimated by system generated SMS and Emails

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